A learning school!

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A learning school!

This weekend we had such an array of different guests – from all walks of life and even from across the globe. The part I love about this job is getting to hear each and every person’s story – where they come from, what they love, what they do.

Seeing young love and hearing their plans as they are planning to get married in October, seeing a family enjoy their children – getting away from the city life and reconnecting with the person they fell in love with before the kids and the busy city life. A relationship in it’s early shoes, excitement of the romantic weekend getaway and the hope that everything is going to be perfect. International tourists soaking up the South African weather in awe of how nice it is and sharing their first experiences of things we take for granted… A learning school!
Yesterday after the rush of breakfast, checking out and sending off the laundry, I looked at my husband and my beautiful son and realised that we were also there where all these guest are now in their lives but we forget so easily to enjoy each moment before we go on to what is bigger and better.

This weekend was so much fun for me as I laughed and cried with our guests. Sharing stories ’till wee hours of the night and realising that we are so blessed with the experiences we’ve had and with a new outlook on the experience to come!
Carpe Diem – seize the day!

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An amazing experience with Lion cubs!

We decided to photographer to take a few photo’s of the activities that is on offer around the dam.  As we were driving from activity to activity we decided to drive out to UKUTULA game lodge to look at the education program with the Timbivatie lions.


Honestly, I have no words to describe my experience, but I can assure you that it was the BEST experience of my LIFE!

We were met by one of the rangers and given a tour of the facility, whereafter we were introduced to the 3 month old lion cubs. Upon first sight I fell in love with these furry little babies!

The photographer started taking pictures and what started as just a quick visit ended up in a two hour visit.  I played with the small cubs and they were just playing along and crawling and jumping all over.  From there we moved to the play pen for the smaller cups that were only 2 and a half weeks old and we were allowed to pick them up and hold them.  Visitors are allowed to interact with the little ones and thats why it is so amazing.   It is just that something deep inside melts if you hold one of the cubs in your arms.

We were very quit driving home, each with their own memory of the experience we just had. I could recommend this activity to each and every one.



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Japan Earthquake 11/3/2011

Tsunami JapanWhile I was watching CNN yesterday the news from Japans Earthquake was coming through and I just could not believe the destruction that was taking place.  This morning the photo’s itself tells a story of destruction.  Deep inside I felt so small and humble when looking at the photo’s, we as humans think and act’s as if we are untouchable, and then something like an earthquake happens and our world is turned upside down.


As I was sitting on my balcony last night looking over the dam and just taking in the beauty of the mountains, I wondered if people take notice of how many people lost their lifes in Japan. Does it even mean something to others or are we chosing not to see and hear?

Maybe some people do not care but for me I can not stop thinking of the families that have losts so much yesterday in Japan.   I can not do much from where I am, but I can pray for them.  Let us take a moment and think of others in need!…………………………….

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Celebrities pledge their time to the disabled


Actors from the Movie Liefling , Bobby van Jaarsveld and Marlee vd Merwe and Binnelanders  Paul du Toit with 7de Laan’s Ingrid Paulse (Vanessa) and Hykie Berg from Binnelanders and Survivor on MNET, spent the night at Stirling Manor Boutique Guest House.


Our conference centre were used to do a press release to inform the media of the purpose why the celebreties were visiting Hartbeespoortdam. All of them pledged their time for the charity event Harties Wheelathon for the disabled. For some of us after only a bit of sleep we were up before sunrise to prepare breakfast and to welcome the wonderful clear skies.  The water with the yachts as background from the dining room, were breathtaking and all of us took a few moment to shoak in the colours of the sun and mountain.  In a few minutes Linda Korsten entered the guest house and had everyone up and running and getting breakfast.  A happy and a lot of talking went on at breakfast and everyone was excited about the charity event.  For me it was a humble experience, here in my guest house I had this actors and celebrities, and actually they are just as human as us. We do see them in the media, in the movies and on the television but I think people forget to see the person, family man or woman behind the name.  I am greatfull  for this experience and priviledge for hosting this event. For all that were involved, the South African Police, Silver Orange and my staff, a big thank you to all.

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