Japan Earthquake 11/3/2011

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Japan Earthquake 11/3/2011

Tsunami JapanWhile I was watching CNN yesterday the news from Japans Earthquake was coming through and I just could not believe the destruction that was taking place.  This morning the photo’s itself tells a story of destruction.  Deep inside I felt so small and humble when looking at the photo’s, we as humans think and act’s as if we are untouchable, and then something like an earthquake happens and our world is turned upside down.


As I was sitting on my balcony last night looking over the dam and just taking in the beauty of the mountains, I wondered if people take notice of how many people lost their lifes in Japan. Does it even mean something to others or are we chosing not to see and hear?

Maybe some people do not care but for me I can not stop thinking of the families that have losts so much yesterday in Japan.   I can not do much from where I am, but I can pray for them.  Let us take a moment and think of others in need!…………………………….

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