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Elephant Sanctuary

Attraction: The Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant Sanctuary provides a safe haven for our elephants and offers a unique platform for guest education and interaction.

All our programs are guest and elephant driven, which means the most important part of our operation is to ensure happy elephants and satisfied guests. The close encounter with elephants you experience at The Elephant Sanctuary truly is one of a kind.

Telephone Number: +27 (12) 258 0423 / 0332

Distance: 8.2 km (about 9 mins)

Website: http://www.elephantsanctuary.co.za/

Dietmar Wiening

Attraction: Dietmar Wiening

His work is very distinctive – he has perfected the art of for simplification in his work, reducing his subject matter to essentials while retaining its intrinsic character. These are not the dull repetitions so often seen, but vibrant statements that have a life of their own – some pensive, some cheeky, others arrogant or combined in collective compositions, and all having an intrinsic sculptural value that surpasses the mere illustrative solution.

Website: http://www.dietmarwiening.com/

Distance: 20.5 km (about 22 mins)

Telephone Number:  +27 (0)12 205 1193

De Wildt

Attraction: De Wildt Cheetah Centre

The Cheetah Centre in South Africa was established in 1971, initially as a cheetah breeding project and the Centre has during the past 40 years  bred over 800 cheetah cubs.  Various cheetah conservation projects have been initiated since its inception.

Website: http://www.dewildt.co.za/

Distance: 12.8 km (about 14 mins)

Telephone: +27 (0)12 504-1921 / 9906 / 9907 / 9908

Snake & Animal Park

Attraction: Hartbeespoort Dam Snake & Animal Park 

Within these walls, a world has been created where visitors can experience the essence of what makes Hartbeespoort Dam unique, the presence of animals, water lapping at stone walls and jetties, giant trees, exotic foliage and towering cliffs.

Website: http://www.hartbeespoortsnakeanimalpark.co.za/

Distance: 500 m

Telephone Number: +27 (0)12 253 0091

Balloon Safaris

Attraction: Bill Harrop’s Original Balloon Safaris

A Balloon Safari: Something really different – something really special.
If you’re going to do it – do it in unassailable style

Website: http://www.balloon.co.za/

Distance: 26.1 km (about 24 mins)

Telephone Number: +27 (11) 705 3201/2

Chameleon Village

Attraction: Chameleon Village

A destination spanning 10 hectares packed with exciting facilities for local and international tourist. Visitors to chameleon village will be spoilt for choice. whether looking for eateries, browsing for gifts, home decor or that fine piece of art.

Website: http://www.chameleonvillage.co.za/

Distance: 4.0 km (about 5 mins)

Telephone Number: +27 (0)12 253 1451

Canopy Tours

Attraction: Magalies Canopy Tours

It is a unique and unforgettable 2 ½ hour experience through the Ysterhout Kloof. Slide above the kloof from eleven platforms built high against the cliffs and rock faces of the kloof and joined by ten slides up to 140m long and in some places up to 30m above the stream below.

Telephone Number: 014 535 0150

Distance: 50.4 km (about 48 mins)

Website: http://www.magaliescanopytour.co.za/

Pelinduna Adventures

Attraction: Pelinduna Adventures

White Water Rafting on the Crocodile River
Paint Ball
Quad biking  

Telephone Number: 083 258 2579

Distance: 15.3 km (about 20 mins)

Website: http://www.pelinduna.com/

Bush babies

Attraction: Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary

Walk through natural indigenous forests on elevated wooden walkways and experience a variety of exotic monkeys in an exquisite natural environment. Bush Babies rescues monkeys previously raised as pets or bred for the pet trade. Excellent family, corporate or educational outings.

 Telephone Number: +27 (0)12 258 9908

Distance: Distance: 8,6 km (about 9 mins)

Website: http://www.monkeysanctuary.co.za

Reptile Conservation

Attraction: Chameleon Reptile Park – Tortoise sanctuary

In the beginning… June 2007 a man came running into Chameleon Village Reptile & Conservation Park and told Hennie Jonk that there was a fire in a squatter camp near the park and group of tortoises were caught in the blaze and he needed help. Hennie immediately got into his car with the gentleman and raced to the scene.

 Telephone: 012 253 5119

Distance: Distance: 4.0 km (about 5 mins)

Website: http://www.reptileconservation.co.za/


Attraction: Vusalela Spa

Fringed by the beauty of nature and perfectly situated on the banks of the Hennops River, this spa is an experience not to be missed. Facilities include a variety of massages, an open air jacuzzi and lovely swimming pools.

Telephone: 082 940 9592

Distance: 17.2 km (about 19 mins)

Website: http://www.vusalela.co.za/

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