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This weekend we had such an array of different guests – from all walks of life and even from across the globe. The part I love about this job is getting to hear each and every person’s story – where they come from, what they love, what they do.

Seeing young love and hearing their plans as they are planning to get married in October, seeing a family enjoy their children – getting away from the city life and reconnecting with the person they fell in love with before the kids and the busy city life. A relationship in it’s early shoes, excitement of the romantic weekend getaway and the hope that everything is going to be perfect. International tourists soaking up the South African weather in awe of how nice it is and sharing their first experiences of things we take for granted… A learning school!
Yesterday after the rush of breakfast, checking out and sending off the laundry, I looked at my husband and my beautiful son and realised that we were also there where all these guest are now in their lives but we forget so easily to enjoy each moment before we go on to what is bigger and better.

This weekend was so much fun for me as I laughed and cried with our guests. Sharing stories ’till wee hours of the night and realising that we are so blessed with the experiences we’ve had and with a new outlook on the experience to come!
Carpe Diem – seize the day!

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