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I can smell something good cooking even if I did not see what is in the oven.  One of my most memorable memories of breakfast after scuba diving is the awesome smell of the homemade carrot muffins.  When we walk up from the beach after a dive to the lodge we could smell the fresly baked muffins in the air and that was what made the breakfast so special.   Tracy was an excellent cook and breakfast was the highlight of the day.

When I started Stirling Manor Boutique guest house, I remembered my fond memories of breakfast time at Tracy’s place. I wanted to create that same special enviroment for my guests, that special feeling over breakfast, that the food is made with passion and love.

Every week and weekend we stand before the stove and oven with passion, putting the menu’s together, planning what we will bake and what we think is special.  We have baked the most beautiful muffins, all sorts and flavours. 
One of my specialities is home made health bread.  I always put in a bit more berries and seeds than what is required and I can promise you the aroma in the kitchen is to die for, like I said I do judge with my nose, and I can say it is so goooooood!!!!.

The last few days I was pondering about the breakfast layout and I just can’t put my finger on it, but it seems as if people are just in such hurry in the mornings that they  just don’t take the time to have a nice breakfast (even when they go away for a weekend), or do some people just not appreciate a good breakfast over a freshly brewed cup of coffee? 

I pride myself to give my guests a wonderful experience with breakfast time and today as I was on my way to the guesthouse, I wondered if I’m wasting my time to make such an effort with the breakfast – do people really want the buffet covered with all the delicious, mouth watering baked goodies and extra delicacies?

Suddenly all the wonderful comments of our guests started popping up in my head, one by one and everyone always rants and raves about our good Breakfast… so you know what, you can be sure that at Stirling Manor we will always take the time to make sure you wake up to the fragrant aroma of a freshly baked “something” even though you are in a hurry and just want your scrambled eggs on toast! 🙂



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