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As I answered the phone this morning all I could hear was my sister crying, I knew that my father has passed away and what we were expecting the last few weeks has happen.  He passed away at 9h15 on Saturday the 26 of March 2011.

I had the privelige to spend 10 days with my father to help taking care of him.  We had the most wonderful man, Barry Haupt a male nurse, helping us.  He is the most caring man I have met and he assisted our family with caring for our father.  He allowed us to wash, feed and care for our father with his professional assistance and preparing us in a way for what to come. I have so many memories that I treasure, but the most wonderful memory I have is that my father loved  the Lord.  He loved his family, and every night he and my mom will bow down and pray for all 9 children and all the grand children, each by their name.  By the end he could not remember all the names and then mom had to fill in the gaps.  I am so pround of him and know that he is now with my son Duane who passed away 7 years ago.  I could just see the face of Duane greeting his grandfather coming home. We had the honour to walk with our dad to the door of heaven and we are thankful  for God’s grace to be able to do it.  I will treasure you in my hart dad and as we always said goodbye, ” Till we meet under the ice cream tree” .

We both loved ice cream and we both believe that we will be having ice cream in heaven, just a little saying between me and my father.

See you again Oupa!

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